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Ferries to Turkey
Schedules Overview

Sea Service offer frequent ferries to Turkey from the Greek Island of Rhodes. Travel from Rhodes to the Turkish port of Marmaris.

Ferries to Turkey
Destination Overview

Turkey lies in the Aegean and Black Seas, and shares borders with Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, the Syrian Arab Republic, Greece and Bulgaria.

Turkey has a rich history and cultural heritage; its position between the two continents of Europe and Asia has given Turkey the influence of many different cultures throughout history. As such, Turkey is rich in sites of historical and archaeological interest. Turkey also boasts some splendid beaches to which tourists flock each year.

Discover Turkey

Unique in the fact that this country is half European, half Asian and its culture is a fascinating mix of Eastern and Western tradition that makes this country so popular with overseas visitors. There is an incredible to see, do and explore and some of the landscapes have been completely untouched by the recent boom in tourists to this mythical country.

Turkey, once the centre of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires, has a rich, varied history. The country has a very individual feel about it combining traditional Turkish, Muslim and modern cultures, especially around the largest city of Istanbul.

Turkey is full of spectacular coastlines, incredible cuisines and a stunning array of mosques and castles that really make this country so much more original than any other country in the world. Remember, however, that Turkey is a primarily Muslim country that is practiced in varying degrees around the country but if you are travelling to a mosque, headscarves are compulsory.


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Travel to Turkey

Turkey is relatively easy to get to by ferry and with Aferry UK you can get there quickly and easily. Marmaris, one of the main ports of Turkey complete with a large marina, is easy to get to with some specialised Aegean ferry companies that travel from Rhodes to Marmaris.

Things to See

Turkey is full of extremely interesting archaeological sites that will really make you want to find out more about the country's rich heritage. Ephesus, Pamukkale-Hierapolis and, of course, Troy are three of the best and most interesting.

Istanbul is one of the most romantic cities and there is a huge array of different things to explore and see starting off with some of the beautifully decorated mosques and synagogues that are scattered around the city. Contrasting from the old religious places of worship are the large skyscrapers that tower over everything in the city.


There are also modern shopping malls that somehow combine perfectly with the traditional, old Turkish buildings, bazaars and mosques. Istanbul is a real sight to see in itself.

All around Turkey there are many things to experience that are perfect for all ages and range from paragliding for the adrenaline-junkie or visit a traditional Turkish hot spring for a day of relaxation.

Scuba diving, yachting and rafting are three more fun activities that are best to do if you really want to make the most of the seas around Turkey. By hot air ballooning, you will be able to properly see the whole of this country in an original and exciting way.



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