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Ferries to Tunisia
Schedules Overview

You can book ferries to Tunisia from Italy with Grandi Navi Veloci, SNCM and Grimaldi Lines. Book a ferry to Tunisia from the Italian ports of Genoa and Salerno.

You can also book a ferry to Tunisia from France; SNCM offer frequent sailings from the port of Marseille to Tunis.

Ferries to Tunisia also run from the island of Sicily; Grimaldi Lines and Grandi Navi Veloci offer ferries from Palermo to Tunis.

A Ferry UK also offers the following routes to Tunisia; for timetables, prices and to book please send an email to mail@southernferries.com or call (+44) 0844 815 7785

Marseille - Annaba
Marseille - Bejaia
Marseille - Sfax
Marseille - Skikda
Sète - Bejaia

Ferries to Tunisia
Destination Overview

Tunisia is fast becoming a popular tourist destination, attracting increasing numbers of visitors each year to its white sandy beaches and exotic culture and architecture. Popular beach resorts include Hammamet, Sousse and Jerba.

Tunisia has a warm, Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot summers. You can experience the French influence on Tunisia in the culture and cuisine of the country and Arab influences can be seen in the ornate architecture. Tunisia also boasts a wealth of archaeological sites, including the famous Roman Carthage.


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Discover Tunisia

Tunisia's beautiful beaches and historical treasures attract millions of tourists each year from all over the world. A ferry operates daily between Marseille and Tunis port with the operator SNCM. Sailing duration is 24 hours.

Visitors to Tunisia can sunbathe, dive, sail, and fish along the vast stretches of glistening, white sandy Mediterranean beaches covering a 810- mile coast. Beach resorts include Tabarka, Hammamet, Sousse and Jerba. Between October and May the average temperature ranges from 12-28° C. From June through September expect the peak of the Mediterranean summer heat.

French colonial past has a far-reaching influence - most obviously in its cuisine that blends sophisticated French styles with Arab spice. Despite its location, edging the Sahara, Tunisia is a surprisingly fertile land and has six national parks. Football is the big national sport and Tunisian players compete in some of the big European leagues.

Travel in Tunisia

Regular trains (run by SNCFT) connect Tunis with major towns. The main route is between Tunis and Gabès, via Sousse, Sfax and Gafsa. By car, there is an extensive road network. In case of breakdown, the Garde Nationale (National Guard) will assist free of charge and put you in touch with the nearest garage. Traffic drives on the right and main roads are quick and fairly un-congested.

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Things to see

Tunisia hosts a wealth of Roman archaeological sites including the famous Carthage. There is also the second century Roman temple in Dougga, the Phoenician port of Utica, Sbeitla's Roman temples and arches, Bulla Regia's Roman villas and El Jem's Coliseum, which is second only to Rome. The Bardo Museum, near Tunis, boasts the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world.

A special attraction is the unusual Matmata where the ground is pockmarked with craters. This is where scenes from the original Star Wars movie were filmed. Chott El Jerid is an area with 2,000 sq. miles salt-flats - making it a big sand-yachting destination.



Grandi Navi Veloci Grandi Navi Veloci
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