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Ferries to Scandinavia
Schedules Overview

You can book ferries to Scandinavia and within Scandinavia with the operators Bornholmstrafikken, Color Line, DFDS Seaways, Nordic Jet Line, Scandlines, Smyril Lines, Stena Line, Tallink, TT Lines, Unity Line and Viking Line.

Bornholmstrafikken operate ferries from Ronne, on the Danish island of Bornholm, to Koge (Denmark), Sassnitz (Germany) and Ystad (Sweden).

You can book ferries between Norway and Denmark and Sweden with Color Line. Color Line offer ferries from Hirtshals to Kristiansand and Larvik, from Oslo to Kiel and from Stromstad to Sandefjord.

DFDS Seaways offer frequent ferry connections from the UK to Scandinavia, on their route from Harwich to Esbjerg, in Denmark. DFDS also offer ferries between Oslo and Copenhagen in Norway.

Nordic Jet Line and Tallink both operate the route from Helsinki (Finland) to Tallinn (Estonia).

Scandlines offer many routes within Scandinavia: Gedser - Rostock, Helsingor - Helsingborg, Puttgarden - Helsingborg, Helsingborg - Rostock, Rodby - Puttgarden, Puttgarden - Spodsbjerg, Spodsbjerg - Rostock, Trelleborg - Rostock & Sassnitz.

Smyril Lines run ferries between Denmark, Norway, the UK, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Stena Line also offer many routes within Scandinavia, including routes between Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Poland. For a complete list of Stena Line routes, please see our Stena Line operator page.

Book a ferry from Sweden to Germany with TT Line, from Trelleborg to Travemunde or Rostock.

Unity Line offer frequent ferry crossings from Poland to Sweden, on the route Swinoujscie - Ystad.

Viking Line also operate ferries within Scandinavia, travelling from the following ports: Turku, Mariehamn, Langnas, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn and Kapellskär.

Ferries to Scandinavia
Destination Overview

There is plenty to see and do in Scandinavia; experience the different traditions and cultures in the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Visit cosmopolitan Copenhagen and Stockholm for a taste of Scandinavian city life and modern culture, explore the stunning National Parks of Finland or see the Northern Lights in Norway. Whatever your taste, Scandinavia has something for you.

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Discover Scandinavia

Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland are four of the most unexplored countries in Europe but have some hidden treasures that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world. Discover Sweden, the largest of the Scandinavian islands, from its cosmopolitan capital city, Stockholm, to its world class ski resort in Åre.

Discover the city of Rovaniemi in Finland, known as the gateway to Lapland - the home of Santa Claus, the beautiful fjords of Norway that are known the world over or even take a trip to the geothermal hotspots of Geysir and Strokkur; where shooting geysers are seen nowhere else like this in the world. Whatever you like doing or visiting or discovering, Scandinavia guarantees to have it all and more.

Travel to Scandinavia

In Sweden, there are ports all over the country and different ferry operators provide ferries from Sweden to Poland, Finland and Denmark, as well as a Gothenburg - Newcastle route. Norway ferries travel to and from Iceland, Shetland Islands, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Sweden as well as a Stavanger - Newcastle route. Finnish ferries, primarily, go to and from Sweden but there is also one route to Estonia (Helsinki - Tallinn).

Things to See

There is so much to see and do in Scandinavia; starting off with Sweden. Visit the three major cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, each with their own different style and great restaurants, sights and shops. If you go more into the countryside of this incredible country, then be sure to see the area around Sweden's highest mountain, Kebnekaise, which is said to be a paradise for keen hikers. There are also so many adrenaline-pumping pursuits that happen in and around Sweden including white-water rafting, mountaineering and skiing.

Finland is known as one of the most intriguing countries in the world, in more ways than one. It has some incredible surroundings that make you want to stay in Finland for the rest of the year; dozens of stunning National Parks full of extraordinary wildlife native to Finland. Also be sure to discover Lapland, of course, and experience the thrill of husky-sledging through the snow-covered forests of Finnish Lapland before going to meet Santa Claus himself - a perfect place for children and adults alike. However, if that's not your thing, how about participating in one of the eccentric Finnish competitions, from wife-carrying to team berry-picking to air guitar playing!

Norway is possibly the world's most underrated country. It's possibly the most breathtaking of the Scandinavian countries and it has to be seen. The Northern Lights especially as well as the midnight sun, in northern Norway, where the day never end and the sun is still out shining at midnight. Just across from the capital Oslo where the Jotunheimen National Park lies. It has to be seen to believe how breath-taking this area of Scandinavia is. Perhaps you could also travel down to the southern coast of Norway, where the rugged coastline and quaint villages are perfect for a summertime wander



  Bergen Ferry Port   Bojden Ferry Port
  Copenhagen Ferry Port   Esbjerg Ferry Port
  Frederikshaven Ferry Port   Fynshav Ferry Port
  Gdynia Ferry Port   Gedser Ferry Port
  Gothenburg Ferry Port   Grenaa Ferry Port
  Hanstholm Ferry Port   Harwich Ferry Port
  Haugesund Ferry Port   Helsingborg Ferry Port
  Helsinki Ferry Port   Hirtshals Ferry Port
  Karlskrona Ferry Port   Kiel Ferry Port
  Kristiansand Ferry Port   Langnas Ferry Port
  Larvik Ferry Port   Mariehamn Ferry Port
  Newcastle Ferry Port   Oslo Ferry Port
  Puttgarden Ferry Port   Rodby Ferry Port
  Rostock Ferry Port   Sandefjord Ferry Port
  Sassnitz Ferry Port   Scrabster Ferry Port
  Seysdisfjordur Ferry Port   Spodsbjerg Ferry Port
  Stavanger Ferry Port   Stockholm Ferry Port
  Stromstad Ferry Port   Tallinn Ferry Port
  Torshavn Ferry Port   Travemunde Ferry Port
  Trelleborg Ferry Port   Turku Ferry Port
  Varberg Ferry Port    


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