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Roscoff ferry Port Overview

Roscoff Ferry Port is located on the Brittany Coast 24 Kms from Morlaix region in France. Roscoff Ferry Port serves as a perfect gateway to explore the rest of Brittany.

Roscoff has always been a quaint fishing town but was later developed into a port in 1973 due to its strategic location on the Brittany coast and to help the development of the Brittany economy.

Roscoff is well connected to UK and Ireland and thereby aids the development of tourism and revive the traditional trading routes between them.

Roscoff is a charming little seaside town with 16th century granite houses, small specialist shops and bars and restaurants. Roscoff is a perfect place to be to if you like to enjoy a quiet holiday by the seaside, as the town maintains a relatively low key apart from the old harbour and the rue Gambetta.

Roscoff benefits from a mild climate throughout the year because of the Gulf Stream and also because it is shielded by Ile de Batz island. Some of the attractions in Roscoff apart from the beautiful beaches (one of the best is the Laber beach about 1Km away from the old harbour) are the Jardin Exotique (the tropical garden), Notre Dame de Croatz Batz (church) and the Aquarium.

Brittany's sea is known for its healing properties and hence a visit to the region's oldest Thalassotherapy centre established in 1899 is worthwhile.





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Roscoff Ferry Port Services

Roscoff Ferry Port provides various services since its refurbishment in 1998. The facilities at the terminal include a cafe, bar and restaurant open for arrivals and departures, a cashpoint, baby changing facilities, a souvenirs shop, tourist information centre, showers and services for the disabled.

Car parking is also available outside the terminal. There is no charge and it is unattended.


Roscoff Ferry Port Directions

By Car
From the south (Quimper and Brest) use the D69 road to arrive to Roscoff. From the West use (Rennes) use the N12 road then take the N58 road at Morlaix.

By Rail
SNCF trains from Roscoff go to Morlaix from where you can catch the TGV service to the rest of France.

By Bus
A regular bus service runs between Roscoff and Morlaix which takes about 35 minutes.



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