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Ferries to Norway
Schedules Overview

Smyril Lines offer sailings to Norway from Denmark, from Bergen from Torshavn and Hanstholm, and to Kristiansand from Larvik and Hirtshals.

You can also book a ferry to Norway with Stena Line, who offer ferries to Norway from Denmark (Frederikshaven - Oslo).

You can also travel to Norway from Denmark with DFDS Seaways, from Copenhagen to Oslo.

Smyril Lines also offer ferries to Norway from Sweden (Stromstad to Sandefjord), Germany (Kiel to Oslo) and Iceland (Seysdisfjordur to Bergen).

Ferries to Norway
Destination Overview

Norway is a beautiful country with breath-taking, diverse scenery of impressive mountain ranges, stunning fjords and cosmopolitan cities. Visit Oslo to experience urban, modern living and visit the many museums and cultural attractions that Oslo offers, such as the Viking Ship museum.



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Discover Norway

If you take a ferry to Norway you will see the beautiful blue-green fjords already as you enter the port. Fredrikstad , Bergen and Olso are some of the largest harbours. Norway is a country of contrasts with dramatic mountain ranges, spectacular fjords, cosmopolitan cities and historical site.

The breathtaking fjords of the southwest are Norway's most dramatic scenic features, but there are many other reasons to visit this sparsely populated land on the northern fringe of Europe. There are good urban destinations too - Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim are its four largest cities.

Norway is one of the world's richest on a per capita basis since the discovery of oil in the late 1960s. It has been independent of Swedish rule since 1905, and remains outside the European Union.

Travelling in Norway
Norway ferries are an important feature of daily life. All coastal towns are served by ferries, catamarans and hydrofoils. The main internal rail routes are: Oslo-Trondheim (Dovre Line); Trondheim-Bodo (Nordland Railway); Oslo-Bergen (Bergen Railway); and Oslo-Stavanger (Sorland Railway).

Roads can be of variable quality (especially under freezing winter conditions in the north). That is why the numerous Norway car ferries are so important to cross the fjords.

Copenhagen Norway Oslo Sweden Lerwick UK Iceland Denmark

Things to see

Saltstraumen is the world's most powerful maelstrom - which is a strong tidal current located some 30km (19 miles) east of the northern city of Bodo. Huge whirlpools are formed in this torrent of water. When in the capital, don't miss Oslo's excellent collection of museums, including the Thor Heyerdahl Kon-tiki Museum and the Viking Ship Museum.





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