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Ferries to Normandy
Schedules Overview

You can book a ferry to Normandy with LD Lines, from Portsmouth or Newhaven to Le Havre.

Alternatively, book ferries to Normandy with LD Lines' sister company, Transmanche Ferries, who operate the route from Newhaven to Dieppe.

Brittany Ferries also offer ferries to Normandy, from Portsmouth to Caen, Cherbourg and St. Malo, and from Poole to Cherbourg.

Condor Ferries also operate ferries from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, and from Poole to St. Malo.

You can also book a ferry to Normandy from Ireland; Irish Ferries and Celtic Link offer ferries to Cherbourg from Rosslare, and LD Lines offer a frequent service from Rosslare to Le Havre (route commences November 2008).

Ferries to Normandy - Destination Overview

Normandy is famous for being the site of the D-Day landings in 1944, for its rich history and unique culture. Normandy is a green and fertile province of France, with many rivers running thought the area, including the river Seine, France's largest river.

As well as its history, Normandy is famed for its food and drink. Local delicacies include moules a la normade (mussels cooked in a sauce of apples and cream), teurgoule (spiced rice pudding) and calvados.





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Discover Normandy

Famed for the D-Day invasions here in 1944, Normandy is the northernmost province of France which is famed for its cider, calvados and apple brandy. With a huge amount of history behind the region, including the Viking landing in the 9th century to D-Day in 1944, Normandy is one the most interesting regions in all of Europe. Not only does France's largest river, the Seine run through the region but also approximately ten coastal rivers, including the Bresle and the Veules, run through it too.

The food is Normandy is also something that cannot be missed. Cattle, cheese and apples are big business here in Normandy as is seafood which is second-to-none. A few delicious, local delicacies in Normandy are moules à la normande (mussels cooked with apples and cream) and teurgoule (spiced rice pudding).

Travel to Normandy

The region's northern coasts border the English Channel and with Aferry UK & First4Ferries you can travel to many of the region's major ports including Caen, Cherbourg, Le Havre and Dieppe. Due to its ever-present countryside, cycling or walking around Normandy is probably the best way to get around the region.

Many companies have a specialised route from Southampton, Portsmouth or another southern port to these ports in Normandy.



Things to See

The beautiful, Norman countryside is a must-see in this northern region of France just so you can see what inspired many artists such as Théodore Géricault and Jean-Françoise Millet to come and paint their masterpieces in the region. One of the most popular tourist attractions in the region was painted by Claude Monet; the waterlily garden at Giverny.

Obviously, the beaches on which British and American soldiers landed on in 1944 are a must-see. The museum is also incredibly interesting and very popular with visitors. Honfleur is one of Normandy's most beautiful towns, with a 17th century harbour and an incredible wooden church.

Mont St. Michel is the UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed island off the coast of Normandy. The Abbey of St. Michel is situated on the island and is both exciting and interesting. There are some small shops and restaurants on the island, including La Mere Poulard, which is world-famous for its omelette.



Newhaven to Dieppe
Poole to Cherbourg
Portsmouth to Caen
Portsmouth to Le Havre
Rosslare to Cherbourg


Brittany Ferries Brittany Ferries
Celtic Link Ferries Celtic Link Ferries
Condor Condor Ferries
LD Lines LD Lines
Transmanche Ferries Transmanche Ferries



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