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Ferries to Holland
Schedules Overview

You can book a ferry to Holland from England, with DFDS Seaways, Stena Line and P&O North Sea Ferries.

Stena Line offer frequent crossings from Harwich to Hook of Holland, DFDS Seaways operate a daily sailing from Newcastle to IJmuiden (Amsterdam), and P&O North Sea offer daily sailings from Hull to Rotterdam Europoort.

Ferries to Holland
Destination Overview

Holland is a country of variety; in Holland you can find everything any visitor could wish for - scenic beaches, picturesque towns, quaint villages, cosmopolitan cities, historic sites, exciting museums and a varied nightlife that comprises everything from lively nightclubs to quiet and cosy restaurants.

The flat countryside and many rivers and canals make Holland the perfect destination for cycling and boating holidays.

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Book your ferry online and a booking reference will be sent to you by email. When you arrive at the port of departure present the booking reference number together with a photo ID and you will be given your ferry tickets.

Discover Holland and the Netherlands

Take a ferry to Holland and the Netherlands and discover beaches, historic towns and villages with exciting museums and cosy restaurants. The main ferry to Holland routes arrive at Amsterdam or Hook of Holland. The country has a population of 16.5 million (2006) and the Netherlands shares borders to the south with Belgium and to the east with Germany, while the North Sea lies to the north and west.

Large areas of The Netherlands have been reclaimed from the sea and consequently one-fifth of the country lies below sea level. The country is flat and level and is criss-crossed by rivers and canals. Due to a lack of slopes Holland is a favoured destination for cycling holidays, coupled with the fact that cycle lane facilities are excellent (sometimes surpassing road conditions.) Areas reclaimed from the sea, known as polders, are extremely fertile. The landscape is broken by the forest of Arnhem, the bulb fields in the west, the lakes of the central and northern areas, and coastal dunes that are among the most impressive in Europe.

Travelling in Holland

The highly developed rail network is efficient and cheap, and connects all the key towns and cities including Arnhem, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. Both intercity and local trains run at least half-hourly on all principal routes. Rail and bus timetables are integrated.

All roads are well signposted with green `E' symbols indicating international highways, red `A's indicating national highways, and smaller routes indicated by yellow `N's. There is an excellent road system, although it can become very busy at times around major cities.

Newcastle Hull Amsterdam - Ijmuiden Harwich Hook of Holland Rotterdam

Things to see

Enjoy the spectacle of one of Holland's cheese markets. The best are Waagplein, in Alkmaar, open every Friday from mid April to mid September, and at Gouda, 20km (12 miles) southeast of Rotterdam. See The Netherlands' many tulip - most spectacular glimpses of these flowers can be seen in Haarlem 20km (12 miles) west of Amsterdam.

See some of the many great works of art, including those of Dutch painters such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer displayed in Amsterdam's many museums and galleries, including the Rijksmuseum. Visit the moving war cemetery at Oosterbeek, near Arnhem, where many soldiers are buried following the failed Operation Market Garden airborne invasion.



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P&O Ferries (North Sea) P&O Ferries (North Sea)
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