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Ferries to the Isle of Man - Schedules Overview

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company operates frequent ferry services to Douglas from Heysham, Liverpool, Belfast and Dublin. There is also a limited summer service between Douglas and Larne.

Ferries to the Isle of Man - Destination Overview

The Isle of Man is a British crown dependency, though is self-governing. The Isle of Man is home to around 80,000 inhabitants, most of whom live in the main towns of Douglas and Ramsey.



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Isle of Man Guide

The Isle of Man lies in the Irish Sea, between England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, less than 60 miles west of the Lancashire coastline, and it is easy to travel to with the ferry service from the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.

The Island is a unique self-governing kingdom - a Crown dependency which belongs to neither the UK nor the European Union. It has its own parliament (called Tynwald), laws, traditions, culture, cuisine and postage stamps.

Travel in the Isle of Man

The best way to reach the Isle of Man is by ferry; ferry services operated by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company connect the Isle of Man to England, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Getting around the island is fairly easy, there are many public buses and a steam railway line. Alternatively, you can travel around the island by car. The island's towns are well-connected by road; many of the roads on the Isle of Man have no compulsory speed limit.

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Things to see and do in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a perfect holiday destination with its relaxed pace of life, along with a wealth of attractions and places to stay. The Island is 33 miles long, 13 miles wide and covers an area of 227 square miles. More than 40% of the Island is uninhabited.

The main inhabited area and town it the port of Douglas, which is the capital of the Isle of Man. The town offers a great variety of accommodation, holiday attractions and other visitor facilities such as first-class shopping, banks, building societies, and car hire. Douglas is 16 miles from the northern coastal town of Ramsey, 12 miles from Castletown on the south coast, and 11 miles from the west coast port of Peel.


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