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Ferries to Finland
Schedules Overview

You can book ferries to Finland from Sweden, Aland Islands, Germany and Estonia with the ferry operators Nordic Jet Line, Tallink and Viking Line.

You can book ferries to Finland (Helsinki or Turku) from Stockholm in Sweden with Viking Line. You can also book a ferry to Finland from the Aland Island ports of Mariehamn and Langnas with Viking Line.

Book ferries to Finland from Germany and from Estonia; Nordic Jet Line and Viking Line operate frequent crossings to the Finnish port of Helsinki from the Estonian port of Tallinn.

Ferries to Finland
Destination Overview

Finland, located in the Scandinavian region of Europe is known as the land of midnight sun and saunas. The Finns are a nation of sauna enthusiasts - there are about 2 million saunas for the 5 million people living in Finland.

Finland's population is mostly concentrated in the southern part of the region with Helsinki being the capital. Helsinki is a very vibrant city whose stunning architecture, picturesque harbour, cosmopolitan cafes, and world-class museums earned it a coveted place on the European Union's list of European Cities of Culture 2000.

To the extreme north of Finland lies Lapland which is known as the land of midnight sun which worth a visit along with the numerous churches, museums and castles in Finland. Finland offers a perfect opportunity for outdoor activities such as skiing, fishing, golfing etc.


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Discover Finland

Get a ferry to Finland from either Germany, Sweden or the Baltic countries to visit this interesting country nestled between Sweden and Norway to the west and Russia to the east. Finland has all the attributes of a good tourist destination, despite reaching high into the Arctic Circle. Some of the thousands of sun-kissed islands in the Baltic Sea are big tourist attractions.

Helsinki earned a coveted place on the European Union's list of European Cities of Culture in 2000.

Travelling in Finland

Traffic on the inland waterways is serviced by regular waterbuses and ferries. Finnish trains are spacious, comfortable and clean. There is an extensive rail service and lines include Helsinki-Turku, Helsinki-Tampere-Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä-Kuopio and Helsinki-Seinäjoki-Oulu-Rovaniemi.

By car, the main roads are passable most of the time. Warnings of elk and reindeer crossing will be posted as the danger of collision is high in some areas. Petrol stations may be unmanned but the machines take banknotes and credit cards.

Helsinki Tallinn Stockholm

Things to see

Helsinki is a vibrant city with stunning architecture, a picturesque ferry harbour, cosmopolitan cafes, and world-class museums. Streets and avenues curve around bays, bridges arch across to nearby islands, and Finland ferries reach out to islands farther offshore. There are 400 parks, as well as numerous waterside walkways. The result of a neo-classical building scheme in the early 1800s can still be seen, the effort of modernist Finnish designers including Alvar Aalto.

Away from the capital city you can meet Father Christmas in the artic circle. His office is open daily, but photos can be expensive. The country's former capital Turku boasts a magnificent medieval castle which is worth visiting.



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