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You can book ferries to Faroe Islands from Bergen in Norway, from Hanstholm in Denmark and from Scrabster in Orkney Islands.

A Ferry UK offers a variety of overnight cruise sailings to Faroe Islands. Book ferries to Faroe Islands, operated by Smyril lines simply and securely online.

Ferries to the Faroe Islands - Schedules Overview

You can travel to Faroe Islands by ferry from Norway, Denmark and Orkney Islands.

Smyril Lines offer weekly ferries to Torshavn (Faroe Islands) from Bergen, Hanstholm and Scrabster at competitive prices, which can be booked easily online with A Ferry UK.

Ferries to the Faroe Islands - Destination Overview

Faroe Islands are a group of 18 islands, of which only one island, Torshavn is inhabited. These beautiful islands are scattered with rugged green mountains and a number of waterfalls throughout.

Away from the main land mass, Faroe Islands provide you with a perfect adventurous experience. You can enjoy hiking and watching a variety of wildlife like puffins, seals, dolphins and whales.




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Discover Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a group of islands in the north Atlantic Ocean between Scotland (200 miles) Norway (422 miles) and Iceland (279 miles). They are an autonomous area under Danish administration and have been since 1948. There are a group of 18 islands of which 17 are inhabited and the human population is 48,000 people - with a sheep population of 70,000.

Get a ferry to Faroe Islands from Iceland, Denmark, Norway, or the Shetlands in Scotland. It can also be reached by air from Denmark and Iceland. The Faroe Islands consists of rugged green mountains fjords and countless waterfalls. The weather is unpredictable, but expect cool summers and mild winters.

Things to see
The capital Torshavn is where you will find most of the population as well as museums, good shopping and accommodation, and great places to eat and drink. Hike around the fjord of Skálafjordur, the isle of Bordoy and Mykines. There is also an abundant array of wildlife from puffins and oystercatchers to seals, dolphins and whales.


Travelling in Faroe Islands
Driving is on the right and most road signs follow international standards. The use of seat belts is required. The speed limit is 80 kph (50 mph) and 50 kph (30 mph) in the towns and villages. With the sheep population larger than the human, accidents happen frequently. If you collide with a sheep, immediately contact the police in Torshavn (351448) for assistance.

Some 80% of the population in the islands is connected by under-ocean tunnels, bridges, and causeways which bind the three largest islands and three other large islands to the northeast together, while the other two large islands to the south are connected with new fast ferries. There are good roads that lead to every village in the islands, except for seven of the smaller islands that only have one village each.



Smyril Line

Smyril Line



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