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Ferries to Corsica
Routes Overview

You can book ferries to Corsica from France with SNCM and Corsica-Sardinia Ferries. Travel to Corsica from the French ports of Marseille, Nice and Toulon.

Book a ferry to Corsica from Sardinia with SNCM and Moby Lines. Book a ferry from the Sardinian port of Porto Torres to Ajaccio and Propriano, or from Santa Teresa to Bonifacio.

Ferries to Corsica from Italy are operated by Moby Lines, Corsica-Sardinia Ferries and Grimaldi Lines. Travel to Corsica from Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia or Savona.

Ferries to Corsica
Destination Overview

The island of Corsica lies in the Mediterranean sea off the coasts of Italy and France, just above the neighbouring island of Sardinia. Corsica is a popular tourist destination that offers many activities and attractions for the visitor to enjoy, from hiking, scuba diving and sailing, to beautiful beaches, picturesque towns and the stunning Ajaccio cathedral. Corsica also offers an excellent variety of shopping and dining facilities.


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Discover Corsica
Corsica is a Mediterranean island in between the south of France and western Italy. The birthplace of Napoleon, this island is full of life, culture and unique landscapes. Along the coast you will find the hot, dry climate that you expect from a Mediterranean island but there are also the stunning, uninhabited alpine areas which are home to snow-capped hilltops and small glaciers. Discover the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse which is a protected home to thousands of rare Mediterranean animals including the local Corsican red deer.

The ocean around this `mountain in the sea', as some locals call it, is perfect for scuba diving and sailing in the lovely weather of a Mediterranean summer.

Travel to Corsica
All types of transport are able to take you to and around Corsica. Ferries from France are perhaps the easiest option with ferries going daily from Marseille, Nice and Toulon and even from Italy you can travel to Corsica from ports in Genoa, Naples or Sardinia. Unfortunately, the public transport in Corsica is quite poor so the best way to explore the island is by car although if you prefer to take the train, there are three lines which link between the major towns on the island.

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Things to See
One of the best ways to take in the island, albeit the most time-consuming, is by taking a Mare e Mare walk from one side of the island to another which can take from 5-17 days to walk! But even if you just feel like relaxing, there are still many things to do around Corsica.

You can relax on the beach enjoying the local gelatto, tasting the unique Corsican cuisine with Italian and French influences like wild boar sausages or maybe discovering the history of Napoleon at the house where he was born, which is now a popular museum in Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica. A day in Ajaccio is also worthwhile with shops, restaurants, a large beach and the stunning Ajaccio Cathedral.



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